Tips: How to Stream Video/Audio

My time is very limited, but I will try to create some videos and articles showing how I stream my live videos, as well as links to places that helped me along the way, which would help with those of you trying to perform from your homes. Here is some of the equipment that I have at my disposal from various podcast/radio/streaming projects. You probably have most of it available from your band’s equipment that will help you, too! In the mean time, check out the links I’ve posted below.

Streaming Tips, Tricks, and How-to - More Coming Soon

Below is an example of my using: sj4000 camera, green screen (see the band playing behind me),  Skype (with the NDI plugin  – that’s how you can see and hear Mick in the bottom right corner), OBS, and to stream a live interview. – You will notice some lag between Mick’s audio and video. This is because the internet is so bogged down with a lot of users online at once due to the Stay-At-Home rulings. There isn’t much that can be done to fix that issue.