Rock for Life Concert Series 2018

The Rock for Life outdoor shows are just around the corner. This scene main stay has been providing support to sick children since 2000. Have you been to one of their shows?

It is the mission of Rock for Life to provide financial support to needy individuals residing in Western PA who are suffering from life threatening diseases. Rock for Life sponsors music festivals and other music-related and general fundraising events to raise the monies necessary to support its purpose.

While people on the outside see this as a rock concert, I and the people involved in it, see it for what it is. A family of musicians that not only love to play the shows, but do their best to support the children and families that the shows are put on for. It doesn’t end and the concerts. Band members visit the kids in the hospital, go to graduation parties and birthday parties, make prom wishes come true, and are some of the most loving people that you will meet.

Recipient(s) of support will be determined annually, utilizing selection criteria guidelines as adopted by the Directors. Financial support may be provided to a needy individual or a non-profit organization that supports the mission of Rock for Life.

A Concert for Anna  

Date City Venue Country
08/31/19 - 09/01/19 Cheswick, PA ACME Club United States
Time: 6:00pm. Age restrictions: No Minors. Address: 230 Herron Drive..


Date City Venue Country
07/05/19 - 07/06/19 Iselin, PA Iselin Community Park United States
Time: 6:00pm. Admission: 20. Age restrictions: No Minors. Address: 1782 Iselin Rd,. Friday, July 5: 6pm Suffacate 7pm Oceans to Ash 8pm Divine Tragedy 9pm Losing September 10pm Homicide Black 11pm Five-2-One Saturday, July 6: 3pm JL Cook and Jeff Towers Acoustic 4pm Iron Sight 5pm Unbroken Soul 6pm Shattered 7pm Chip & The Charge Ups 8pm Flashback 9pm Five Alarm Flood 10pm SILK9 11pm A Common Crown $20 Admission. ALL AGES. Camping Permitted. B.Y.O.B. if 21+ Food Trucks: The Girls Lunch box- Damn good food for a damn good price Related post. More information

Rock for Life  

Date City Venue Country
08/02/19 - 08/03/19 Iselin, PA Iselin Community Park United States
Time: 5:00pm. Admission: $20. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 1782 Iselin Rd,. 20th ANNIVERSARY CHARITY EVENT! Featuring: Friday, August 2: 6pm Safety Last 7pm Farewell Felicia 8pm AmberAlexis 9pm Doppler Affect 10pm Dimwit 11pm The Hellfire Club Saturday, August 3: 2pm Terry Lee Spencer 3pm The Shiners 4pm Lenny Collini 4PaK 5pm Post Traumatik 6pm Black Ridge 7pm The Borstal Boys 8pm Big House Pete 9pm XFACTOR1 10pm After The Fall 11pm Skell $20 Admission. ALL AGES. Camping Permitted. B.Y.O.B. if 21+ The Girls Lunch box- Damn good food for a damn good price Fat Lipp Productions Strobe Lighting And Sound Local Commotion Reina Peli Art & Photography Bradley Services co. PA Rock Show, AK Music Scene, & Podcast Your Scene Related post.

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