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  • Justin Wade Band
    Episode 468 features an interview with Justin from the Justin Wade band. The post Justin Wade Band appeared first on the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Read more »
  • Neostem PARS467
    Episode 467 features the debut of Neostem on the Pennsylvania Rock Show. The post Neostem PARS467 appeared first on the Pennsylvania Rock Show. Read more »

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  • Fetish Hotel – Ding Dong Ditcher - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Catharsis is an amazing thing as it comes in all shapes, sounds, and sizes. Sometimes the process leads to an angelic beauty of release while other times turning into a violent purging of sorts. Illinois based one man experimental cyber-grind outfit Fetish Hotel opts to put both in a blender all the while laughing maniacally on his new record “Ding Dong Ditcher“. “Ding Dong Ditcher” is just that. A cathartic record that purges everything negative inside and releases it in… Read more »
  • Find Your MUSE(ic): Video of the Week – Feast on the Fallen “Boneyard” - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Feast on the Fallen – “Boneyard” This week’s Find Your Muse(ic) we are rocking “Boneyard” by Steel City’s Feast on the Fallen. “Boneyard” comes in like a 10 ton hammer and sledges away for its 4 minute duration, waking up the dead in the process. Metallic hardcore laced with it’s murky death metal vibe pulses and churns as the band pummels their victims to rubble. People have been waiting for the zombie apocalypse, Feast on the Fallen deliver just that… Read more »
  • Danko Jones-A Rock Supreme - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Feel like a dose of nostalgia sprinkled with a refreshing take on your rock n’ roll? Look no further than Canadian rock trio Danko Jones‘ new album “A Rock Supreme“. It’s easy to tell Danko Jones has been around the block for a minute (since ’96 to be exact). With a tight, punk infused sound ala Social Distortion, touches of retro rock flair (hey there JET and Wolfmother!!!) and infectious melodic tendencies……it doesn’t take long for the guys to suck… Read more »
  • Royal Honey Album Release - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Some shots from Saturday night’s album release for Royal Honey, featuring The Legendary Hucklebucks at Howler’s Coyote Cafe!     Royal Honey         Legendary Hucklebucks     The post Royal Honey Album Release appeared first on First Angel Media. Read more »
  • Royal Honey and The Legendary Hucklebucks Party Hard At Howler’s (6/15/2019) - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Robert Collins is equal parts Angry Anderson, Bon Scott, and Howard Stern, and the ex-Dirty Charms crooner has a new joint you need to be schooled on. They’re called Royal Honey, and if you like your rock hard, a little rare, sleazy, greasy, and vintage, I regret to inform you that you missed a right corker of a homegrown jam if you didn’t catch their record release shindig at Howler’s this past Saturday night. The new debut EP, titled Hype,… Read more »
  • Church Of Misery Leave Cattivo In A Bloody Heap (6/13/2019) - FirstAngelMedia.com
    The morbid Yakuza known as Church of Misery have been at large for around 24 years, with only bassist Tatsu Mikami remaining since the day they were born in blood and decided to dedicate their careers to musically documenting the lives and crimes of the very real ghouls that have walked among us. These samurai of doom were to play Pittsburgh once before in 2013 only to be halted by visa restrictions, making this underground (in all respects) gig hotly… Read more »
  • Royal Honey-Hype, Money, and Misbehavior - FirstAngelMedia.com
    Royal Honey have been slinging, raw, dirty, fun, retro hard rock for almost a year now, and their debut EP, Hype, Money, and Misbehavior is set to drop tomorrow night at a record release show at Howler’s Coyote Café upon the stroke of ten. While they may be a new group, what this quintet has recorded thus far makes them sound as if they are a decades-old veteran act. Opener “Dirty Romance” gets the party running quickly with a smashed… Read more »