Electronic Press Kits

EPK Design & Maintenance Services

An EPK, or electronic press kit, is a digital version of a promotional package that musicians used to mail out to venues, festivals, or talent buyers. It is basically a digital resume of the band for talent buyers to peruse. It includes the information that the talent buyer would want to know about the band’s history and ability to put people in the venue.

* Pricing does not include webhosting and domain fees – Ticket to event, parking fees, and any other fees to perform the photography must be provided by the band/agent/venue.

Example Electronic PRess Kits
Royal Honey
Royal Honey
Chris Zelenka Music
Chris Zelenka
the Hellfire Club
Homicide Black
9 Stitch Method
lakinis rooster
Lakini's Rooster
Para Bellum
Para Bellum
Billy Postle and the Winery Cats
The Winery Cats
Steel City Crue
Steel City Crüe
Jack Mclaughlin
Jack McLaughlin
Borstal Boys
Borstal Boys
Suggested Content
Please provide as much as possible:
  • Social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • Links to places your music can be purchased or heard online (spotify, bandcamp, iTunes, etc)
  • High Resolution professional photos of your band both from photoshoots & live concerts – head shots and/or individual action shots of each member (large and 300dpi so that they can be printed by venues); Photos should be both vertical and horizontal.
  • Biography
    • Individual band members’ names and part in the band – individual endorsements
    • Band biography 4 versions
      • 1-2 sentences
      • 1 paragraph
      • 2 paragraphs
      • 4 paragraphs
    • Links or copy of testimonials from venue owners, sound engineers, fans, etc
    • Links or copy of reviews of your music and/or shows
    • Band Endorsements – Labels
    • Band highlights – awards you have won, radio play, or success on streaming platforms. If you have supported a big act on tour, or performed at noteworthy festivals
    • Videos of your best performances (preferably posted on YouTube or Vimeo)
    • Samples of your music 256kbps or 320kbps mp3 files – tagged correctly (can be embedded: reverbnation.com, bandcamp.com, etc)
    • Discography (including large 300dpi digital copies of album art)
    • High resolution transparent logo file (large and 300dpi so that it can be printed by venues)
    • Tech Rider
    • Upcoming Concert Calendar (can be embeddable like bandsintown.com, reverbnation.com, etc)
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