Spotlight on Endeavor After, LLC

It has been a while since we have put out a "Spotlight" article. This one is for Endeavor After, LLC. They are a Direct-to-garment Custom Apparel Printing Company. Something to note about this company is that they are owned by local musician, Robbie Perrone, and his family. Robbie is the front man and bassist for East End. You can use our coupon code "PAROCKSHOW" to get yourself 10% off of...
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Photography: Reina Peli

Some of the awesome photography, that I'm sure you've noticed, on and were NOT taken by me. I know what you're thinking.. wait what?!? Concert Photography In recent years, a concert photographer has emerged in the South Western Pennsylvania Music scene. Her name is Reina Peli and she does amazing work. From concert photography and band sessions to cover art and...
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Hosting: Choosing a Web host for your Band Website

Some tips for choosing your band's website host I have been designing websites since 1995. I have seen web hosts come and go. I've been hosted on big name website companies and on small do it your self hosts belonging to friends and everything in between. I have ran an online radio station, I've designed digital signage for businesses, I teach computers, and am currently 11 years into creating my...
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Skype: Mix Minus

I found this awesome article about how to set up a mix minus to record Skype calls and it makes a huge difference in the Pennsylvania Rock Show. You can find the article here: Here is how it works out with my equipment: Output to the mic input on dell laptop (recorder) Used as headphone monitor Fx send goes from the mixer to the mic input...
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Facebook Promotion in W. PA.

We understand the need to promote your events and band news on social media. We thought we'd share the places that we normally share our posts. Please feel free to join them and start promoting! the Pennsylvania Rock Show Western Pennsylvania Local Music Scene Support Local Music (Pittsburgh) Butler Music Scene Local PA Musicians Musician Events, Shows, & Gigging Pittsburgh Musicians and...
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Chip DiMonick: The Pros & Cons of Opening for National Acts

As musicians, I think we all dream of those moments when we get to “share the stage” with our musical heroes.  For some musicians, that dream never materializes.  For others, it is a possibility and, eventually, a reality. Today, when national acts tour the “club circuit” consisting of venues usually with a capacity that doesn’t exceed 700, local bands are often recruited to open...
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Need a website for your band on a budget?

There are always paths to your goal. Ultimately I suggest finding someone who does design websites (being one of those people), but you can get a website for your band for completely free if you follow these tips. If this is above your head, feel free to contact us. Not sure if your band needs a website? Well here are 104 reasons why you do! Website for your band: How To Webhosting: There are...
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