Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye Episode 16 – Greywalker

Tonight we’re talking to Brian Howe of Greywalker about the cool stuff his band is doing – awesome shows, a new release and a very recent video release among so many other things!! Brian also talks about some of the awesome things he does personally – podcasting, being on the board of Brewtal Beerfest to name a few! Listen in and find out more!!

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye Episode 15 – Alter the Design

Sitting down with Alter the Design to talk about the great things they have happening that include an upcoming concert with Puddle of Mudd and a new release, but finding out more about the members behind the music. Find out more about them as a band and as the amazing people they are!!

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye Eps 14 – Fuel Up on Food and Music in Pittsburgh!

On a special episode of Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye, Justin Sanford (Neverwake) and Jason Kozura(Silence Follows/The Crucible Project) talk with her about some of the shows coming up but really, the focus is on the food! They give suggestions on what to eat at the venues they’ve visited, their favorite meals, some of the best places to eat in Da ‘Burgh and a glimpse into the recipes that will be posted on their pages with the podcast share! That’s right, these two are well known for their food as well as their music and they’re going to share both with you! You’re not going to make it through this one without getting hungry!!

Let Jason, Justin and Lady Jaye know what your favorite places in Pittsburgh are!!

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye Episode #13 – Among Thorns

Members of Among Thorns sat down to talk about this new band, their new music and their rather full calendar! Giving props to all the musicians and events they are working with and having fun with every step. Find out more and here what’s in store with Among Thorns on Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye!

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye Episode #12 – Behind the Screams with Leprosy!!

Heading off the beaten path and down a darker genre, Lady Jaye had the chance to talk to the very well known and established band, Leprosy. Definitely different, no matter what type of music you listen to… probably not the podcast you’d think it is! Listen in as we talk about the stuff this band is still up to, 30 years and they refuse to fade away. Be it your first or your favorite – get your taste of Leprosy!!

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye Episode #11 – Durandal

Lady Jaye talks with members of Durandal in a fun, yet at times touching, interview. There’s a deeper message behind the name, the music and some of the meanings behind the songs are simply inspirational. Find out more about this band and the members themselves by listening in!

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye Episode #11 – Interview with 9 Stitch Method

In today’s episode, Lady Jaye has a fun and informative chat with the members of 9 Stitch Method about their band, the changes they’ve seen in their music, their positive support of the local music scene and….. a big pink bunny??? A very fun chat with some great guys who happen to make some great music!!

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye Episode 10 – Devil Inside Promotions

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing a close friend and fellow media company owner, Dakota Horbaczek, about what his company does for unsigned artists and his success at bringing shows and bands to the public view….. There may also be some talk about chicken wings in there…… Listen in and find out more about the man behind the name!

Superheroes Believe in Miracles! Reaching out across the U.S. to help children with illnesses.

On episode 9 Lady Jaye brings in guest host Bill Domiano to talk with Superheores Believe In Miracles founder Amy Faltot and associate Steve Bechtold. Some topics covered are how to be a part of this amazing charity, how to sign up a child you know, the upcoming concert to help financially support this cause and more. Tune in to hear the details about this amazing charity helping children with illnesses to get birthday packages and feel like the superheroes they are!

Audio Gossip with Lady Jaye 008 – Stone Cold Killer

Lady Jaye sits down with Stone Cold Killer and discusses all the things going on in their world – Nomination for best Metal Band in the Pittsburgh City Paper, a recent tour, a summer full of shows and throwing around t-shirt ideas like there’s no tomorrow… or sleeves! A very fun episode with the whole band!!!