Kwederfest 2/16

  • 02/23/19 Let’s Duet in Vandergrift, PA at WDW Vandergrift
  • 02/23/19 Twisted Fate in Greensburg, PA at Ramada Hotel & Conference Center
  • 03/01/19 Jessica Yocum in Vandergrift, PA at WDW Vandergrift
  • 03/02/19 The Living Street in Vandergrift, PA at WDW Vandergrift
  • 03/02/19 Zilch in Sarver, PA at Peter B’s

What is Our Goal?

Our goal has been the same since we got started way back in 2004 as AK Music Scene. We have always believed that the music scene in southwestern Pennsylvania provides the best music available today, and our goal is to get it out to the masses. We have so many ways for you to be introduced to it.

Rock for Life 2018 – AKMusicScene.com

In case you missed it, the Rock for Life Concert Series has begun.

It is the mission of Rock for Life to provide financial support to needy individuals residing in Western PA who are suffering from life threatening diseases. Rock for Life sponsors music festivals and other music-related and general fundraising events to raise the monies necessary to support its purpose.

Recipient(s) of support will be determined annually, utilizing selection criteria guidelines as adopted by the Directors. Financial support may be provided to a needy individual or a non-profit organization that supports the mission of Rock for Life.

Find this year’s shows.

Rock Done Right Tour – AKMusicScene.com

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local music at the following locations.

Corbriwoodstock 9/2/2018 – AKMusicScene.com

Corbriwoodstock is an annual music festival held in the woods of beautiful West Deer Pennsylvania. CWS began in 2008 as a small gathering of musical friends on a chilly October afternoon and has now grown into a wonderful all-day festival based on great music and great friendship.

Though food and beverages will be available for purchase at Corbriwoodstock, guests may bring food, & beverages of choice plus their own lawn chairs, blankets, tents, etc. This is a “family friendly” event where everyone is treated with love & respect.

The Band Jam 7/13-7/15 2018 – AKMusicScene.com

The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival is a weekend long celebration of local music and artists. It was started as a way to commemorate the yearly anniversary of the “Grass Roots Show”, which airs Sunday nights at 7pm on The Rock Station 97.7fm (WLER – Butler, PA), and as a way to showcase the incredible talent featured on this show in a “Live” setting for music lovers of all genres to enjoy.

Rock for Life Concert Summer Series 2018 – AKMusicScene.com

It is the mission of Rock for Life to provide financial support to needy individuals residing in Western PA who are suffering from life threatening diseases. Rock for Life sponsors music festivals and other music-related and general fundraising events to raise the monies necessary to support its purpose.

the Drunkin’ Irish Metal Fest  

Date City Venue Country
03/16/19 Kittanning, PA Sidebar United States
Time: 9:00pm. Admission: $5. Age restrictions: No Minors. Address: 190 Clearfield Pike. Venue phone: 724-919-8276. a Common Crown, iron sight, Divine Tragedy

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Music Review – Shattered “Blackout Sessions”

     Shattered, a hard rock band originating in Greensburg, PA, has been rocking the Pittsburgh area since 2006 and they have just released their EP “Blackout Sessions” and their influences of Alice In Chains, Godsmack and the like can be heard all through this release, including in the vocals of Josh Comp. His alto voice with a rough edge brings an interesting sense of originality and yet familiarity to the music for those of us who grew up on some of those fine bands of an era.


    This CD is really smooth yet comes with a hard edged sound in the back, a comfortable vibe that still gets your head moving. On the first play they are good songs but after walking away you find that they are stuck in your mind enough to start the tracks over again. Nothing in your face, more a collection of fluid, well done, music that has the ability to be played anytime, anywhere while drawing you in to listen more closely and want to turn up the volume on a couple of your favorites. A quick look over the band’s page, https://www.facebook.com/shatteredrocks/, and I can say that they have stuck to their unique brand of music in a way that will make their fans proud and make new fans easily.


    “Love/Hate/Obsession” has a comfortable 90’s feeling to start you off with an introduction to their sound and a slight intensity through the song. The drum beats of Kevin Dick are clear on this and tend to keep you attention through the song. “The Reckoning” is probably one of my favorites as I personally enjoy it when a band can bring in acoustics yet keep the feel of hard rock. A pleasant surprise to that song was the blend of vocal harmonies between Comp and fellow vocals of guitarists Erik Rhodes and Evan Schlege, who later came in with the electric guitars as well as bass from Tim Noel. “Martyr” had a darker sense to it with the low riffs adding to the overall feel but “Hellbent” was almost a melody with a deeper side that made me envision fans in front of the stage with lighters… or maybe the bright screen on their cell phones if I’m going to think modern. The final song “Catalyst” picked it all back up and put me back on my feet, a great way to end a CD.


    If you haven’t had a chance to check this band out, do so. You’re going to be happy with what you find. They have an original take on the type of music people now look to as one of the best periods of modern rock. This is the stuff many of us grew up listening to and the sound we often search for still. Pick up a copy of “Blackout Sessions” today for your collection!


Music Review by: Lady Jaye


The PA Rock Show Anniversary Event is almost here!!! – AKMusicScene.com

Thanksgiving is coming and there is a show this very weekend that embodies the love and giving of this holiday – the Pennsylvania Rock Show’s Anniversary Showcase!!! This year it’s being held at the Leechburgh Moose with a strong line up of Homicide Black, The Art of Burning Bridges, Divine Tragedy, Tilted Shadows and A Common Crown with doors open at 7:30. This one event ties into so much in the Pittsburgh music scene and more, so hold onto your hats!!

The PA Rock Show got it’s start September 14, 2004 and since then it has been a way to get the behind the scene information on so many bands in the area music scene. Bands have formed on the show, new music has played, acoustic versions of songs never heard performed that way before and it gives a “Sit down and chat a bit” feel for the fans of these artists to really get an idea of the more fun and personal side of the people they see on stage. On September 29, 2012 the owner and operator of the show, Bill Domiano, held an anniversary benefit in honor of a student having serious health problems. So much good came from that night. Not only were funds raised to help the student, it was decided that a yearly lineup would begin and proceeds would be donated to area charities, including Rock For Life – an organization that has multiple shows per year to raise money for those individuals in the area who have life threatening illness.

As he does with all of the work he does in the scene, Bill makes certain to bring the best area bands to the public in a fun way and fuel the scene in the ways he knows best. The positive response speaks for itself. Not just from the bands who are happy to be chosen for each years event but also from those who attend and those who benefit. This is an event that show the heart of the music scene and all who support it!! To see some of the past shows and music you might want to check out, go to https://www.parockshow.com/anniversary-shows/ and look over the information listed there as well as flyers from previous shows. The cost for admission is $5 for members/$10 for nonmembers and all proceeds go to the charities. Bring the family that’s come to visit and treat them to some of the area’s best music while nursing that turkey hangover. After all, you’ve probably reached your limit of rich food and holiday movies on television so this gives them something to go home and talk about that’s a whole lot better than whether or not the pumpkin pie was exactly like grandma used to make!!!

For more information on the Rock For Life Concert Series check out their website: https://rockforlifeconcert.com/ and to find out more about the show that’s at the root of this event you can find music, interviews and more at their website: https://www.parockshow.com/. While you’re there, you can find a host of other ways to get your music fix!!!



The Bail Jumpers – “Swamp Songs” Music Review

There ain’t nothin’ like the Blues… And the Bail Jumpers know a whole lot to make you want more of it!!

   For those of you not familiar with the blues, this is a genre you might even find the heaviest metal bands jamming out to when not on stage. It’s a classic cornerstone of the music genres and just about everyone I know of can get behind it. It’s one thing that goes beyond boundaries, reaching into the heart and soul of it’s listeners and pulling out the good and the bad of life. Deep resonating vocals, sad guitar, upbeat grooves, Three measures in and you’re along for the ride and never wanting to go home!

   If you know the Blues, but not The Bail Jumpers – you need to get to know them. This amazing group of musicians is made up of Dave Lenavitt (Drums), Joe Riskosky (Guitar), Jeff Claypool (Vocals, Harp), and Darin Hepler (Bass) out of Ford City, PA. Their EP, “Swamp Music”, is a perfect compilation of everything I love about the Blues, and I know you will, too.

    There’s something about the Blues, and these songs, that’s hard to put into words. You find your body puts it into movement, just like the songs on “Swamp Song” The old time blues infused with jazz of “Party Dress” with it’s emphasis on the drums, or with “Once Again” The soft and soulful groove brings a smile to your face. The open, slightly gritty vocals Of Jeff Claypool reach inside your mind and drag you out of yourself. As I listened I couldn’t help but think of an old bluesy tavern stage, surrounded by couples delighted by the sound of the harmonica. The men, taking their ladies by the hand and moving to the dance floor to sway to the music. I’m talking a different age, a different time and place where manners mattered and people joined together in music dens, where sharply dressed men tapped their polished black shoes to the time of the drummers beat.

    “Modern Problems” is… well.. more modern. Tracing Blues through the ages to an open area with a makeshift stage and groove flowing from the band, the vocals changing slightly to be a bit faster, more smooth. Upbeat, shoulder moving with sass. You can’t help but smile before that bass solo takes over and puts the funk into the song. Drum solos the way they should be for this type of music, interspersed between the song in it’s own special pocket of music. And can we get a standing ovation for that twang in the guitar solo? Not being a musician I will never know how that special sound happens but to me, that’s the magic of it.

    “I gotta know” Get’s those hips shaking and that special raise of the face towards the sky to go with the shoulders you already had moving. It’s slower and a bit more ‘hard’ than the others, really seeing where Rock got it’s roots. Lyrics of heartbreak handed over in the best way possible. A bit of a throwback feel to a not so bygone day.  

  That special spontaneity in the Blues is really present in the feeling of “Come Home”. Back to the grittier vocals, very well controlled, raising and lowering in a wild type of way that’s both soulful and practically sinful. This is where they have you completely. Body trying to tell you how to put it into words, chest pumping to some hidden beat as you shake your head and laugh out loud at how good it feels!!! This would be the destination where you will find them now, having rolled through the ages of Blues to find them here, in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, in places like Moondogs or Sidebar. In fact, you can find them in the modern world of Facebook right here – https://www.facebook.com/thebailjumpers4/ Visit them, find out where they’re at next, listen to the music and transport to another world where the Blues make it all better!!