AK Music Scene is quite simply, a place for bands to promote themselves and find links to places that will help them promote themselves. We provide many free resources to help promote unsigned bands, including: Podcasts, Unsigned Radio, Show Reviews, Music Reviews, Photography, and more

AKmusicscene.com started out as part of the T.H. Entertainment’s website. It was then known as “T.H.E. Music Scene”. It spent a few years as part of that site. Then, Bill realized that it was a site that could grow and he moved it to it’s own server and renamed it to “The Music Scene”. Shortly after that, Utah responded to a post about donating a domain name to us. We chose the domain AKmusicscene.com and the site had been reformatted a bit. At this point, A Wizard Solution donated the hosting to us.

AK Music Scene was officially born on January 29, 2004. When Utah Burgess of Shady Lady Studio, responded to a post about us looking for a donation to pay for our domain. Utah even came up with the name AK Music Scene.

The website is based in the Alle-Kiski Valley of Western Pennsylvania, but it also promotes unsigned bands from all over the world.

On September 14, 2004, AK Music Scene had it’s offspring, the Pennsylvania Rock Show. The Pennsylvania Rock Show is a both a radio show and a podcast that provides the best unsigned rock that PA has to offer. With the success of the Pennsylvania Rock Show, came yet another offspring of AK Music Scene, Podcast your Scene on October 16, 2016. Bill then came in contact and starting to work with some like minded fans of the scene who also had websites. At that point, Bill realized that there was a need for a hub of all of their sites so he registered BuildtheScene.com on October 28, 2017 with the intent of using it as a sort of hub for those websites. Before that came to fruition, the fact that there wasn’t a one stop site for the Pittsburgh Music Scene. Build the Scene was born and AK Music Scene saw another re-purposing as the Media Hub for what Bill and his scene friends, do.