How to take Google Voice calls while djing on MIXXX

  1. Download and install MIXXX if you have not already done that.
  2. Download and install VB-Virtual Cable.
    1. make sure to restart your computer after this step.
  3. Go to Google Voice and set your microphone, ringing, speaker devices.
    1. The Microphone device should be set to the same device that you are using in MIXXX.
    2. Ringing and Speaker Should be set to Cable Input (VB-Audio Virtual)
  4. Open MIXXX and go to Options -> Preferences -> Audio Hardware.
    1. Make sure you Microphone 1 setting is the same as the Microphone that you selected in Google Voice.
    2. Set Auxilary 1 to Cable Output (VB-Audio Virtual)
    3. Click ok to save your new settings.
  5. On your main MIXXX screen in the Auxilary 1 section, make sure to toggle the headphones on so that you can monitor your Google Voice call in your headphones.