16 Years of the Pennsylvania Rock Show

The Pennsylvania Rock Show began on accident. Yes, you read that correctly. On September 14, 2004, Bill Domiano and Brian Shaffer took to the cyber airwaves for the first time for what they thought was going to be a 1 time radio show to help out Indie Band Radio’s owner. Shortly after they went offline, Brian suggested that they do it more often and the Pennsylvania Rock Show was born. Brian showed up a week later with a mixer and PA system and a few friends from other local bands and the first live performances to ever happen on the show took place on episode 2 on September 11, 2004. You can listen to episodes 289 to the present on many of the major podcast directories and on this very website. The show has had many accomplishments that Bill is extremely proud of including: getting bands out of state gigs, FM radio airplay, and most importantly shining a spotlight on the talented musicians of Western Pennsylvania and beyond.

Over the years, Bill has continued the show and just released episode #532 last Friday. It featured Modern Fossils. There have been many guests, funny moments, and live performances over the years that would never had happened if it weren’t for the support of the bands and their fans. Thank you for 16 years!

Some businesses and groups that we’d like to thank that have supported the show over the years: