New EP from Shatterglass: Down with that Sick-ness

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be a rock anthem for the Summer of Pandemia, Florida throws the world a curve ball. Timing couldn’t be better for “Sick,” the latest EP from Shatterglass released July 1st.

Get ready to power stance and bang your head. You may need Tylenol. No judgement. It’s been a while for all of us.


As this new tune cued up, I caught a haunting strut about the frets reminiscent of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” coupled with a hint of SOAD’s “Toxicity.” Ominous lyrics confirmed I was in a precarious position; lost to a dark place, isolated, unseen. Then, just as I had hoped, a sharp turn charged me up with aggression! Laden with conviction, the musicality switched gears like a coaster cresting that first long hill upward and Shattered had me rollin’.

The anguish in “Sick” is real and appropriate; we are all stuck screaming in hiding. Even without Covid-19, one could argue the validity of that perspective, so the song can (and should) definitely last beyond an outbreak. What Shatterglass ultimately achieves is a retrofitted sound pounding out relevant lyrics and a challenge to keep fighting. The peaks, valleys, and loops of this finely produced EP give an overall battle cry fit for carrying you through work outs, road trips, or maybe you’re into pugnacious painting.

Definitely add this to your summer playlist and get down with that new “Sick”-ness from Ft. Lauderdale’s own Shatterglass.


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