Light ‘Em Up – Ratrod

Light 'Em UpPhiladelphia rockers “Ratrod” have dropped their scorcher of an album “Light ‘Em Up” and are looking to melt faces. Featuring a very grass roots style of rock ranging from the Aussie yarl of AC/DC to the smooth delivery of Grand Funk Railroad and John Cougar….I think it’s needless to say it’s time to shut off WDVE and educate yourselves on some new rock n’ roll. With production that bears a live, on stage intensity and raw, yet crisp production…’s no wonder this band of Phili rockers are making waves and taking names.

If originality is what you are looking for, you may find some disappointment here, but that’s not to say “Light Em’ Up” isn’t worth your time. It becomes very evident early on that the album is a reminiscence of sounds and songs that shaped these musicians as a unit…and a tight one at that. The band blaze, croon, and stomp through the album at mid-paced speed dropping rocker after rocker unapologetically. It’s inevitable that the band are going to escape the reference of AC/DC within the vocals and rythmn section especially, but if the shoe fits….lace that bad boy up and hit the ground running. The vocals alone are enough to even make Brian Johnson blush. As mentioned before the guitars broaden the spectrum a little further with its barrage of classic/grass roots riffage and stellar guitar leads that are littered throughout the album.

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