Black Ridge – A Good Time To Go

Feeling like taking a shot of nostalgia based with a good dose of the blues? Pittsburgh rock group “Black Ridge” have recently dropped their newest batch of tunes aptly titled “Good Time To Go”.

“Good Time to Go” serves as a pseudo-retro rock record of sorts. Crisp, clean production with just enough grit to drive the emotion home help cement the impact of this album. The band does a great job of paying tribute to their influences while still adding a fresh take to their style, ranging from classic rock to the blues and even hints of jazz and lounge in places.

Stand out cuts include “Walk Out the Door”, “New Day”, and closer “Nothing at All”. In “Walk Out the Door” we see the band at the their rowdiest with a classic rock/Foo Fighters infused rocker. Great blues and alternative rock riffs lead the parade with a powerhouse of a vocal performance. “New Day” we see the band strip the track down to bare bones in a timid emotional atmosphere. Slow and smooth saxophones lead the way as they cry the blues. In “Nothing at All” we see the band work their best to bring the album to close in an epic finale. With an emotional backdrop of instrumentals and possibly the strongest vocal performance on the album, prepare to have chills sent down your spine.