Karlie Righi Benefit

On Saturday May 5, 2018, John Lane and I made our way out to the Latin American Club in Ford City, PA. Featuring a great line up of local talent and a deserving benefactor.

5:00- Steve n Jen (a common crown)
6:00- Dave Hipchen (Tilted Shadows)
7:00- Ezekiel
8:00- Sundog
9:00- Houseband
10:00- 2KD

We arrived a tad bit late, but caught a couple of the songs that Steve and Jen played. They were on point, as was expected. They were followed by David Hipchen who played a great acoustic set and even covered the Foo Fighters (he looks like Dave Grohl so I found this to be funny). Up next was the high energy and first electric set of the evening for a relatively new act in our scene, Ezekiel. This is the second time that I have seen them perform and I thoroughly enjoyed their set. The band that drew me to this event was up next, sundog. I know,WHO? sundog was one of the first bands that I was introduced to in the scene. They played a one off reunion tonight in honor of their bass player’s father, Karlie Righi. I wouldn’t have missed this reunion for anything and my wish to hear their originals was accommodated. They played only one cover and nailed 2 of my favorites, Change in Me & Silverback. Their set wasn’t without issues, BJ’s guitar decided it didn’t want to participate part way through. The band persevered and made my weekend. After sundog, Houseband was up next. They played a great set of covers that filled my childhood and made me smile. This brings us to our last act, 2KD. 2KD is also cover band, that played a heavier set than Houseband and really covered the scope of my musical tastes with their set. They also had many musicians join in on the fun, including the American Hilljack.

This night really brought me back to the beginning of my dealings with the local music scene. I was hanging out with members of bands such as Step 11, (kaj), Tooth and Nail, Hybrid, Stratega, sundog, and more! I left the LA Club in such a nostalgic mood and very pleased with my evening.

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