Victor Gann III

Often the challenge of instrumental music is that, with a lack of vocals, the music must tell the entire story with feeling rather than images. The musician has to put together their music in a way that will bring their soul to the front of everything they play in order to bring the audience to the brink of the message and allow them to add their own variation of what they have experienced. Victor Gann does this well enough to create a soulful journey with the use of guitar, bass and drums.
At times soaring, at times hard rock style riffs, but always great music would be the quick way to sum up these tracks, however, I’d like to point out that it was done without the types of sounds often found in instrumental music. There’s always that sweet scrape of electric guitar sound, hard drum sounds backing it up and, while “Evie’s Smile” is a great representation of a lighthearted melody that includes the singing, happy squeals, and laughter of a child and family, there are no super special effects or keyboards… Just outstanding music that takes the listener on an emotional rollercoaster. At times reaching in to those darker recesses of the mind, at others a flight of fancy.

“Another Migraine” seems to be a poetic journey; Starting soft it has a dreamlike quality to the sound that takes on an edge, like that moment in a dream when you feel it turning into a nightmare but hope you can wake up before it does. Not to be simply set aside the ‘nightmare’ kicks in halfway through to let you know this insanity has you in it’s grip and it’s not letting go. Not good for a dream but for this music, it does wonderful things.

Another track I’d like to mention is “Never Forget”. This song makes me feel like I’m standing still in those moments of reliving good times from my past. It honestly amazed me that this song made me think about my own ‘good old days’ while listening to it. It takes some serious talent to bring a person to their own memories as you play a soundtrack to your own. My hat is off to you, Victor Gann, for pulling those sweet moments and kick ass times out of the recess of my mind and into the front of my thoughts on a bleak morning over coffee.

In all, this is a notable collection of music that I’d recommend to anyone out there. Well written, amazing performance and quality stuff all around. You can find this on Facebook at (Don’t forget to hit that like button while you’re there) or simply go online to For those of you who are “Insta” lovers, look up victor_gann and see what is going on next!

Great music, good times and as always….


Lady Jaye.