Three Vultures – Rebirth Album Review

    Coming out of Lisbon Ohio, we have the trio three vultures with their new album “Rebirth”. Members Dustin Cutright (Lead vocals/Guitar), Austun Dunnington (Bass/Vocals), and John Lane (Drums/Vocals) have come up with a new way to bring you an old sound. The record is produced in a way that it sounds like a throwback to the days of Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains and the like with a heavy twist. Three vultures describes their sound as “The result of coming up in the angst filled small towns that litter the fallen Steel Valley. Dark and brooding, but vicious.” I’d have to say this album reflects that well.

    The eight tracks begins with “Circus Clowns” and gives a real impression on the listener. The softer intro and raw vocals begins the ride through the roller coaster like ups and downs of their music. The entire CD is rather edgy, found in the guitar and in the sharp drum sound. I enjoy the sound of a drum that has almost an ammunition type of blast to it. It catches the heart between beats and takes it with the music.


    The entire collection swings between harsh rock verging on a metal sound and a softer feel without losing the forward motion of music. “Black Mirror” begins really soft, and almost melodic in a sense, before rolling hard. I admit the song “Glass Houses” had me listening hard to the purposeful tin quality you might find in some Stone Temple Pilots songs because it’s not so often used but that was the part that stuck with me the most after hearing it. The song has a very rough quality to it that draws the listener in. It almost has a more live experience to it than I’m used to on most produced music but I was hooked by the second time I listened to it and it’s become one of my favorite songs off the CD.


  As the final offerings are given they bring in a heavy acoustic in “Wasteland” that breaks up some of the heavier music before and “Ghosts of Enemies” begins the climb back up to heavy and hard in the same way fireworks begin to build to the end of the show. It leads well into “Rebirth”, which owns it’s dramatic qualities as well as tying the whole CD together with its varying sounds and separate feel.In all, this CD is certainly something that people who enjoy the grunge type of rock should check out. It’s got that old fashioned vibe in many ways that modern music doesn’t really bring to the table anymore and it’s really a raw and emotional collection that is also easy to listen to all the way through.


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