The PA Rock Show Anniversary Event is almost here!!! –

Thanksgiving is coming and there is a show this very weekend that embodies the love and giving of this holiday – the Pennsylvania Rock Show’s Anniversary Showcase!!! This year it’s being held at the Leechburgh Moose with a strong line up of Homicide Black, The Art of Burning Bridges, Divine Tragedy, Tilted Shadows and A Common Crown with doors open at 7:30. This one event ties into so much in the Pittsburgh music scene and more, so hold onto your hats!!

The PA Rock Show got it’s start September 14, 2004 and since then it has been a way to get the behind the scene information on so many bands in the area music scene. Bands have formed on the show, new music has played, acoustic versions of songs never heard performed that way before and it gives a “Sit down and chat a bit” feel for the fans of these artists to really get an idea of the more fun and personal side of the people they see on stage. On September 29, 2012 the owner and operator of the show, Bill Domiano, held an anniversary benefit in honor of a student having serious health problems. So much good came from that night. Not only were funds raised to help the student, it was decided that a yearly lineup would begin and proceeds would be donated to area charities, including Rock For Life – an organization that has multiple shows per year to raise money for those individuals in the area who have life threatening illness.

As he does with all of the work he does in the scene, Bill makes certain to bring the best area bands to the public in a fun way and fuel the scene in the ways he knows best. The positive response speaks for itself. Not just from the bands who are happy to be chosen for each years event but also from those who attend and those who benefit. This is an event that show the heart of the music scene and all who support it!! To see some of the past shows and music you might want to check out, go to and look over the information listed there as well as flyers from previous shows. The cost for admission is $5 for members/$10 for nonmembers and all proceeds go to the charities. Bring the family that’s come to visit and treat them to some of the area’s best music while nursing that turkey hangover. After all, you’ve probably reached your limit of rich food and holiday movies on television so this gives them something to go home and talk about that’s a whole lot better than whether or not the pumpkin pie was exactly like grandma used to make!!!

For more information on the Rock For Life Concert Series check out their website: and to find out more about the show that’s at the root of this event you can find music, interviews and more at their website: While you’re there, you can find a host of other ways to get your music fix!!!