Fist Fight in the Parking Lot ~ 714

As I sit here typing, I’m listening to the forth coming release “714” from Black Seed Records recording Artists, Fist Fight in the Parking Lot. This 7 track album is heavy, melodic, stoner metal…

I tried to write a review because it is worthy of being written about; however, I’m just not very good at writing reviews. Instead, please listen to the interview that I did with Jason, Johnny, and Chris about the new cd and more, below. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the cd at your favorite download stores or at  one of their shows while your at it!


  1. Miss Emma
  2. Milk of Amnesia
  3. Downward Sampson
  4. Open Slopes
  5. 714
  6. Big Chief
  7. What About Drugs

In our first segment, Bill is visited by Moe, Larry, and Curly… errr Jason, Johnny Metal, and RuDawg of Fist Fight in the Parking Lot. We start out talking about the writing process and how circumstances allowed them to sit on the songs and go back to them later, we smoothly transitioned into the history of the band (yeah smoothly haha) and talking about about festivals and competitions… throughout the whole interview you get bits and pieces about their writing  & recording processes. I asked about the title of the album, and got a lot of different answers (haha). They were much more forthcoming about where the band name came from.

Segment 2 starts out with a conversation about social media and websites and then we move on to learning a bit more about the pieces that make up FFITPL. Sammy or Dave? It was around this time that we learned that Chris embarrasses Fist Fight in the Parking Lot. We move on to name every band we could think of and even talk about Overlord Brom (Dethlehem) and his helmet. Somehow we even included Orko… we then move onto having them create their own super group from local musicians.

and well… ya… listen to the episode:

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