Nightly – Tour Stop!! April 18, 2017

If you don’t know much about this band, now is the time to find out! You may be asking yourself why I would be bringing your attention to a national band when I generally promote the local music scene but the answer is simple – these guys are exactly what I hope to see happen with all of our local musicians! Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta are from our beautiful state of Pennsylvania but have reached national acclaim and have one date with Kesha and they’re currently on tour with Saint Mesa. They also have dates with The Struts in early May and Urban Cone in late May.

They have decided to make Spirit, one of the best known venues in Pittsburgh, an off date stop from the tour. They are currently based in Nashville and signed with Interscope Records, which came about from their amazing single “XO”, and continues with the EP “honest” as well as working on a full length release.

Nightly is a play on the words, “Night, Love You”, in our modern world of text and the play on modern themes continues into their music. These guys started into the music scene early in life but were determined to carve their own niche from the very beginning. Once they moved to Nashville they brought in the talents of Stevie Cunsolo (Synth/Keys) and Nicholas Sainato (Drums), forming Nightly and quickly amassing massive attention online as well as becoming part of the regular rotation on Nashville’s ALT 98.3 radio station. Considered an alternative Indie-pop band they refuse to fall into the category of average and instead excel in making their music stand out by refusing to dress up casual lyrics with typical radio play instrumentals. They have gone so far because their lyrics are based on a deeper emotional feeling than you would expect and their songs reach through ranges of vocal and instrumental usage that aren’t typical with other bands in their category. While “XO” is a sample of their work, it is only one aspect of their music. Their “honest” EP features several songs and on review the phrases “soaring vocals”, “sprawling guitar work” and “hard hitting rhythms” are certainly not what you would expect from any band considered part of the ‘pop’ culture but certainly something you experience with their special brand of music.

These cousins took their dedication to music to a new level at every chance, and took chances at every turn. Starting with matching Fender Squier Strats as kids (the oldest of them being only 13 at the time), they began playing in bands and experimenting with song writing at the ages of 15 and 17, respectively. While they did try the ‘normal’ approach to life by heading to college, they quickly realized music was their true passion and left the college experience behind them for one so many only dream of. Their hard work, dedication and refusal to compromise their music has not only led to making a name for themselves in an industry so many find it hard to break into, it has brought them to a place where they belong. This place is a musicians dream, writing their songs with passion and energy while being able to share those musical creations with their audience in a way that connects their emotions about real world situations to fans both new and current.

Music has the ability to transcend age and genre and with the talent displayed by these musicians you will quickly be drawn into their world. Check out their video for “XO”, a song written about the strange situation we often find ourselves in of being only half heartedly in a relationship that could cause more harm than good despite the love we have for the other person, on YouTube here but remember, there’s more than just this melodic piece up their sleeves for a night in Pittsburgh at the beautiful and relaxed Spirit Lodge. It’s always great to have the opportunity to see a touring band and even more so when you’re welcoming musicians from your home state. We are blessed to be a city where talent like this can be brought to us live and even more so in a setting where you are up close but in comfort and style. Let’s show them that Pittsburgh love of music and support of those who have come from our home state by welcoming them to the stage in our amazing town. The doors open at 8 p.m. so be sure to get there early and let them prove themselves to be the band you heard about here by catching this show from the very beginning. Find out more about them through their website or Facebook page, as well as finding other tour dates you may want to follow or tell your friends about!