With social media, Do you need a band website?

I am a firm believer that a band should have a band website. At first, I thought it was because I designed websites and have a love for local music. I’d also bet that a lot of people would have the same opinion. Back in November 2014, I wrote an article on this very website about how to build your own website on a budget. I believe that you need a website so whole-heartedly, that I wrote an article telling you how to get one without paying me to design it! I even wrote an article on how to choose your web hosting to help you take the guessing game out of that process.

So what I did next was do a little research on the topic. I’ve found many websites that agree with me and I wanted to share a few of them with you, the bands, some reasons that you may want to give a website a shot again.

The first site I came across was CD Baby, which I would considered a pretty good resource for bands. They gave 5 reasons why a band should have a website:

  1. Having your own website/domain makes you look professional.
  2. People want a one-stop destination: a place that is ONLY about your band and is a guide to where you and your brand can be found online.
  3. You are at the center of the experience: this isn’t the case on social media, people can easy find another band to move onto on Facebook.
  4. Your own site gives you total control: You control everything from the look, updates, what is available, you don’t have to pay to advertise your shows, etc
  5. Social Media Platforms come and go: Think about how huge MySpace used to be. What about the current move of the younger generations from Facebook to Snapchat…

You can read more about what CD Baby believes about your need for a website at their DIY Musician section here. Moving on I found an article on Make It In Music’s website that provides 13 reasons (some of them repeated) on the importance of having a website versus just using social media.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying replace your social media homes. Social media is definitely a necessity and helps you get your information out to the masses, but as we all know, what your post on your Facebook pages isn’t even seen by all of your followers, which brings us back to being able to control your content and what is available to your fan base (and future fans!)

As the owner and operator of several websites based on the local music scene, it is hard to track down all the information that I would like to share about your bands. This is because that informattion is scattered amongst 3 or more social media websites. Having a hub of information for your band and brand is important. It not only helps you get valuable information out to you fan base, but it allows the media to to find it easily as well.

I have designed quite a few band websites and websites dedicated to furthering the music scene over the years. I am willing to help you with your websites. That could mean that I design it for you, or you design it. If you partake in making your own site, I am available to help you for free. I have been working with bands and their websites, as well, websites that help drive the local music scene since 1995