Listen to the Radio to help Support the Local Scene!

In my last article I talked about the music scene, the movements to help it grow, the positive change……now here’s something you can do to help. Listen to stations that play local music! Bands don’t want air time so they can hear themselves on the radio, the station doesn’t call them up and tell them their song is about to play so they can drop everything they are doing and run to the radio to brag about “This is me!!”. What’s important about getting played is getting more people to hear them and decided that the song (or songs) are good enough that they want to hear them live. When you listen to a national station, hey, that’s great. But you’ll hear a lot of the same stuff on all the stations that everyone else in the world is listening to. Listening to a radio station that plays your local music is something no one outside your area is going to hear – along with the bonus of being able to tell everyone how you’ve been listening to them for years before anyone else when they do go national. The Pennsylvania Rock Show is an example of a station getting these artists out there to you. Am I the only one who likes to hear interviews with my favorite bands? You learn about the people behind the music, do you like them? Hate them? Who knows if you never heard them talk. Then you get to head out to their show and let them know you heard their podcast, or their song on the radio. That shows them you really are being supportive! Are you aware that many of the local DJ’s for Adrenaline 101 are in local bands? They know how important it is to play local music so you hear the big national bands, the big local bands, and some of the lesser known locals, too. These DJ’s are often doing this for the love of music and to support local musicians, there is not that much money in local or internet radio, if any. So you’re not hearing what they are being paid to say, you are getting a DJ who honestly loves to do their job. That’s not fake enthusiasm, that’s for real!

Is it really this simple? You can support your local music scene by just listening to the radio while you drive to work, do dishes, pay your bills online? YES!! In fact, a new addition to AK Music Scene is a constant stream of unsigned tracks from local artists that you can tune into any time you want! Let them know you appreciate it by getting those listening hours in! Any time you tune in to the music scene you are helping to support it. Maybe you like a song, so you request it, and now that band is getting recognition for their hard work and the radio wants to play more of their stuff, in turn getting them more exposure…..yeah, you’ve heard that word. It’s almost a dirt word in the music industry but THIS is the right kind of exposure that you don’t have to pay for. Well, unless you like the band enough to check them out and buy their CD’s! Here’s a list of some of the stations I know of, feel free to add to it and get it out there! Let’s tune in and turn on to the local scene you didn’t know you needed so bad!
(Constant live stream of unsigned local tracks)
(Written reviews, Interviews, Dj’s, national and local music. Check out the local DJ’s to get your local music fix)
(All kinds of stuff related to local music)
(Interviews, unsigned music, and more with local musicians and those in the music scene)
(Accepts unsigned music for their station’s rotation)
(97.7FM The Rock Station’s show about the local music scene! These guys even broadcast other people who do radio shows to help them get more attention and strengthen the scene)
(Can’t forget our local station – DVE’s Coffee House &  The X’s local listen)



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