Spotlight on Strobe Lighting –

If you’ve been to a Rock for Life concert recently (and other shows in the area), you’ve probably noticed that the light show game has been stepped up.  Enter Jonathan Fleischman and his company Strobe Lighting. Strobe lighting provides affordable Lighting Services for weddings, bands, concerts, or special events.

AKMS: What inspired you to get into the Lighting Services business?
JF: Well, long story but I was doing a Tolkien based series of library displays to promote reading. A friend of mine, John Talent, and I painted miniatures and recreated scenes from the Lord Of The Rings books to display in libraries. That eventually turned into a percussion based theatrical performance. I didn’t play an instrument, so offered to do the lights instead…the rest is history I guess…lol. Always had an interest in theater production…

AKMS: What does it take to set up your gear for a multiple day concert on a large stage like Rock for Life’s Concert Series as compared to a show at a smaller indoor venue? And which do you prefer?
JF: It’s nice to set up for a multiple day show, like RFL, and be able to really enjoy it without having to hurry up, set up, do the show for a few hours, then hurry up and tear down…like in a bar. I’m always the first one there, last one to leave. Just ask Matt Ferrante. Lol I’ve really streamlined my setup over the years. I like to say I’ve become ruthlessly efficient at it. A RFL outdoor show takes about 5-6 hours to setup, whereas I have the small indoor shows down to an hour, or less.

AKMS: As you know, I pretend to be a photographer every once in a while, and I love to take photos at events that you’re providing the lights at. I find myself taking more photos during the heavier band sets for some reason. Do you have different tricks for varying genres of music?
JF: Thanks. Yes, I love doing all different types of music. I think that’s the essence of why I do it…the love of music. And I have the utmost respect for musicians – ask the time and energy spent in rehearsal. We are blessed with such super talented bands in the local scene, too. It makes my job such a joy. But, yes, I definitely vary the looks on stage depending on the style of music. Basically I see my lights as another instrument and try to play along with the band. I enjoy the heavy stuff all the way down to acoustic and everything in between. I see it as an art, I guess.

* photos provided by Reina Peli Art and Photography
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AKMS: Strobe Lighting provides services for weddings, bands, concerts, and other special events. Is there a specific geographic area that you are limited to, or are you willing to go anywhere. Also along those lines, are there any other limiting factors in your line of work?
JF: I try to stay local…tri state area, I guess…I have kids and a full time job, too. So it’s quite a chore sometimes to coordinate schedules. I like to provide professional lighting services to bands, people getting married etc. in the local scene that might not otherwise be able to afford a bigger lighting company from Pittsburgh, let’s say.

AKMS: How can potential clients get in contact with you, and what is the process that they should expect from you. Also can you give our readers a price range to expect if they contact you?
JF: Most of my customers come from talking to me at shows and word of mouth, but of course there’s email ( and Facebook, too. I pride myself on my process leading up to the event. I’m very detailed oriented, so I like to meet with potential clients before the event at the venue in order to eliminate any surprises come the day of the show. When that day comes I like to be able to show up and do what’s needed without having to inconvenience the client with a lot of questions, especially weddings, for instance, where there’s enough pressure on the bride and groom already. As far as price, that’s very open ended, depending on the type of event and what’s needed. In general, let’s just say my prices are very fair and affordable.

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