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AKMS: from Chris Dittman: If you could say a thank you to one local musician that is not a current band mate of yours, for being an influence and helping to mold you into the performer you are today, who would it be?

JP: That is a hard question to answer. I was raised around a bunch of musicians and they all had important things to teach me. But… Bruce McClean from the Amaretta Band out of Fombell, PA gave me a lot of advice not only for music but combining family life with music. Family always comes first but don’t give up on your dream. Be the best “man” you can be. I can never thank him enough for trying to put the balance of music and family into my life.

It pushes me… I wanna make it in order to give my family an easier life. So I give it my all everytime I perform
Question 2

AKMS: How did Terachain Sky get started?

JP: I recorded a CD in hopes to start a band. So when I finished, I asked guys from bands that I played in before to join me and start a band. We were all best of friends. I planned on singing but Nick Stelter asked to try out. One line of singing and that was it. I’m glad that they agreed to jam with me because it’s been a blast from the very start.

Jacob Parks and Terachain Sky

AKMS: Your guitar has a unique look, how and why did it happen?

JP: My guitar… I love it. I used to have my army uniform glued to the front. It still is on the headstock. It started peeling off. So I asked my girlfriend Anna to draw on it for my birthday. I asked her to just feel it and make it awesome. So the center is a lightning bolt. Our first date we watched a thunderstorm. There’s a sheep on it by the volume knobs I don’t know if there’s significance but I don’t care hahaha. To finish I asked her to put her name on it.

I love it. The colors, the free feeling, the one of a kind beat up looking guitar that will always be mine

Kinda like the relationship you build with your partner. It’s never perfect. But it’s always beautiful and unique

AKMS: What does the future hold for Terachain Sky and Jacob Parks?

JP: we dream, hope, and pray to get noticed and be able to make a living doing what we love. We’re starting recording on our third album. After its finished we plan to travel anywhere and everywhere sharing our music and our beliefs with whoever will accept it.

AKMS: What is 1 question that you’d like us to ask the next interviewee?

JP: While you are an artist pushing your art, do you feel you are doing enough for others around you in the community?

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