the Pennsylvania Rock Show Charts! –

Episode 326; Divine Tragedy #49 on the metal chart at mixcloudLast week, for the first time ever, one of our podcast episodes hit the chart at mixcloud. We charted in at the #49th top trending podcast for metal with our episode number 326 “Viscera Reaction – Divine Tragedy” Please take a moment to listen to this episode.

The veterans of the Pittsburgh Music Scene discussed many things with Bill in this episode including their opinion of Pay to Play, which coincidentally,  is a track on their new album. Krist, Dustin, & Cali discussed their favorite local bands. They also carried on a conversation with Bill about old school and new school video gaming. A discussion was held about their new album Viscera Reaction and they allowed us to play both Viscera Reaction and Pay to Play on the monthly radio show. They got personal during Bill’s Barrage and answered such questions as:

  1. What established rock star would they be blown away by if that star walked on stage to jam with them?
  2. What’s their favorite pizza toppings?
  3. If they were to get invited to do Woodstock 3, what 3 songs do they play and whose autographs wouldd
  4. they seek to get?
  5. Pitt or Penn State?
  6. Bacon or vegan?