#SOTW Final Week of November: Slant 6


Where: Leechburg Moose When: Wednesday November 26, 2014 – 9:00pm Find the Headlining Band Give us some Feedback: Subscribe, Review, & Rate the Pennsylvania Rock Show on iTunes Subscribe, Review, & Rate the Pennsylvania Rock Show on MixCloud E-mail: feedback [at] parockshow [dot] com Call Us: 724-568-7018 Join Our Mailing List Submit Your…

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Chip DiMonick: The Pros & Cons of Opening for National Acts


As musicians, I think we all dream of those moments when we get to “share the stage” with our musical heroes.  For some musicians, that dream never materializes.  For others, it is a possibility and, eventually, a reality. Today, when national acts tour the “club circuit” consisting of venues usually with a capacity that doesn’t…

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Need a website for your band on a budget?


There are always paths to your goal. Ultimately I suggest finding someone who does design websites (being one of those people), but you can get a website for your band for completely free if you follow these tips. Webhosting: There are many free webhosts available, finding one that works for your…

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Episode 325 of PARS – Ultimate #TBT


I am so excited to announce that you can get a free digital copy of Creep’s album “Lesson 3″ just by listening to Episode 325 of the Pennsylvania Rock Show that I couldn’t even wait to release the podcast until tomorrow! The radio show will still be released at 8pm…

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